Tiger Estates by Meridian understands there are many things on your mind as you prepare your young adults for college. We have created Tiger Estates to provide a comfortable and quiet environment that is conducive to academic success and a rich college experience! Among the special features of Tiger Estates:

  • Superb Location

    Tiger Estates is located on the southwest edge of the main UofM campus in a quiet residential area away from urban congestion across the street from the UofM Alumni Center. It is about a 5-minute walk from the new pedestrian bridge to the main campus. With campus so close, having a car is optional for many students.

  • Important Design Features

    Tiger Estates is completely fenced in the rear and on the sides. It features a gated parking lot with a gated entry, motion-activated cameras, and ample lighting at night. The area is regularly patrolled by the UofM Campus Police, who will normally be the first responders in the event of an emergency.

  • Comfortable Living Space

    The entire living space is fully furnished and is included with the rent. Each extra-large bedroom is over 150 – 200 square feet with its own private full bath. The spacious common area kitchen features lockable (remove lockable) individual pantries for each of the four residents of the house as well as additional cabinets for other personal items.

  • Individual Liability Leases

    Each Lessee is responsible to pay their own rent and is not responsible for the rent of any housemates. Responsibility for the care of the common areas within each home is shared equally among all of the housemates and should be discussed amongst themselves cordially.

  • Internet Included

    All units have free, reliable state-of-the-art WiFi included with the rent.

  • Roommate Matching Available

    If your student does not have roommates already joining them, Tiger Estates offers a free roommate matching service. Students who are interested in this complete a personal profile questionnaire, and we will match them with other students with similar interests and study habits. Contact our leasing staff for details.

If you are ready to experience Tiger Estates, complete this form or give us a call. All are welcome to apply!